Mind and body

The underlying premise of Vocalcraftwork is that a holistic approach is the most effective route to achieving your goals. Mark encourages an awareness of body and mind via exercises and strategies to initiate a new perspective and offer sustainable tools.

Consider two scenarios typical in Mark’s sessions:

In one of these, a singer in your choir has a sudden realisation of how to sing a particular vowel on a perceived “difficult” note with greater quality of tone and clarity; and in the other, a singer observes that by standing in a certain manner he/she breathe more easily and can sustain a phrase with greater ease.

These events have a significant impact upon the whole choir’s confidence and performance.

Recent studies have suggested that the perceived benefits of singing are threefold:


Clinical research, widely reported in the press, affirms the positive effects of singing upon the body. Singing is good for the lungs, heart and brain.


Clinical research, widely reported in the press, affirms the psychological benefits of singing. Singing generates an endorphin rush that makes you feel better about life.


Regular reports point out that singing generates a feeling of inclusion and connection with others and the environment. Singing is a positive pastime for everyone, as can be seen in the recent surge of community choirs and singing competitions on TV.

Teaching and learning – a mutual process
Experience has shown Mark that anyone can grasp the basics of singing. With the right tuition and support, every choir member can enjoy singing with skill and greater confidence. 

  vocal coaching and confidence building for choirs and ensembles

“Very interesting and good fun – all the bits about breathing; the connection between emotions, body and voice”


Mark demonstrates abdominal breathingMark demonstrates abdominal breathing
Mark demonstrates abdominal breathing

In a smaller group, Mark can tailor the session to what is most pertinent for each individual.




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