When and where

Every session is bespoke and is flexible so that Mark can help you achieve your goals. Mark can work alongside the regular rehearsal schedule or at a time that suits you in your venue or any space that has a piano or keyboard. 

Time and length

A three hour session with a break is an ideal length for a large ensemble to cover the basic elements for good singing and allow reference to any repertoire or material that the Musical Director considers appropriate. A good alternative is for Mark to take individual groups or sections of the choir and work with them for a shorter session.

One-off session or on-going support

In one session, Mark can cover the key elements of singing in a broad general way to affect the group and inspire individuals. In subsequent sessions, Mark can focus upon any weaker elements and develop what was experienced in the initial session. Whether you decide on a single session or more frequently each month or term, Mark will gear his visits to meet your schedule and needs.  

Participant numbers for a session

Mark can involve the whole choir or a smaller group of singers. His approach is hands-on and kinaesthetic to allow for everyone to fully experience and understand their process. Mark’s broad experience as a teacher and workshop leader enables him to work effectively with what you decide is best. 

Coaching and support for soloists

Mark is informed by his personal experience as a soloist singing internationally in opera, concert and recitals. He knows exactly what is required to deliver a solo, and can help existing choir soloists and all those who aspire to sing a solo. The elements required to deliver a solo are different from those for a chorus member. Mark is both pragmatic and inspirational in his teaching. He will provide clear strategies and tools that will support the soloist and provide the necessary guidance and support for auditions and performance. 



It is possible to cover a great deal of ground in a single workshop session




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