How it works

Mark Oldfield provides a reliable and safe bridge between the conductor and choir member. Mark’s input feeds into the collective skill level and builds greater confidence.

The power of Zoom  Mark can join your rehearsal to lead a warm-up prior to any of your rehearsals or sharings. Mark’s skills and experience enable a flexible approach to working with the entire choir, small groups or sectionals, as well as facilitating individual one-to-one tuition for aspiring or current soloists within choirs. Mark’s style and approach is both pragmatic, offering tools to aid delivery, and kinesthetic.

Group or one to one  Mark works to effect maximum impact. He believes that in either case a positive process and outcome can be achieved.

Flexible approach  The place, time and length of sessions are flexible to match your choir’s needs and objectives. Each session is bespoke and designed to achieve the goals you wish.

Far-reaching discoveries  Each session is designed to provide a fresh insight for the participants. Very often points of learning are realised by individuals and the group as a whole, making a significant impact upon the choir’s sound and delivery.


Mark OldifeldMark Oldifeld
Photo: Anna McCarthy

“We all really enjoyed your Zoom session on Tuesday. It will have been extremely helpful for the choir. . .

“The work on vowels was something I needed . . . it seems there is an easier way to do it”




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