Testimonials from yoga-singing fusion workshops

Feedback on a workshop series run by Amy Ku Redler and Mark Oldfield

“The session was a useful and relevant exploration of an alternative way to find freedom with singing.  I enjoyed the different yoga elements introduced and also the variety of songs learnt in this session.”

“A great musical experience combined with the yoga made for an amazing afternoon.”

“It was good for confidence. The movements in combination with vowel sounds felt like they really helped free the voice. I will be back for more.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the combination of voice and body work. All the exercises made complete sense and I felt very ‘safe’.”

“I liked the mix between physical and theoretical; I like the lack of pressure when introducing sound. I was intrigued by the title of the workshop; it resonated with something I had been trying to do to ‘ground’ my voice and avoid straining.”

“I really enjoyed the session and now understand the need to have the body and voice in tandem. It helped me sing with more tone. After a stressful week I did feel so much more relaxed.”

“Thank you to you and Amy for a really different, interesting and relaxing afternoon.”




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